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Hotel in Manila promotes Moringa

June 4, 2009

The Manila Times is joining the trend in the Philippines of sharing the many benefits of Moringa in terms of nutrition, medicine and health. An article published today refers to grandparents telling children about Moringa’s benefits, and that today people are discovering that those claims were right.

The article highlights the efforts of the Hotel Manila to promote Moringa (known as “malunggay” in the Philippines) through their “Malunggay Festival.” The president of the hotel, Atty. Jose Lina, is quoted as saying, “Malunggay leaves are very cheap, very easy to grow in our backyards, and yet so full of vitamins and minerals. The hotel would like to help educate more people about these health benefits and to bring the message across that malunggay can be used as a main ingredient in cooking a variety of great tasting dishes. Moreover, it is a good source of livelihood for small to medium enterprise.” (Read the full article)

Author Leony R. Garcia comments, “The Manila Times could only agree to that.”

Anyone interested in Moringa recipes can find several from India on the Trees for Life website: Moringa recipes from India.