Moringa Leaf with Beans and Meat


Fresh Moringa Leaf with Beans and Meat

This recipe comes courtesy of Jennifer Concepcion of the Philippines. Use this as a tasty side dish with any compatible entrée. With seafood entrees, use shrimp, with meat entrees use pork, beef or chicken for the meat portion of this recipe.


1 cup of beans, mongo beans are used in the Philippines but you may substitute, baby limas, red beans or pintos.

2-3 cups of water

2 cloves of garlic, crushed

1 small onion

1 medium tomato

½ cup of shrimp, pork, chicken or beef

1 cup fresh Moringa leaves

1 Tbsp of fish sauce, or to taste

Salt and pepper to taste.

Boil the beans until tender. While the beans are boiling, sauté the onions, garlic and tomato. When beans are tender add the tomato, onion, garlic  to the beans. Strip the Moringa leaves from the stems, remove any excess stems from the leaves. Add fish sauce. Add fresh Moringa leaves. Salt and pepper to taste.

This is the preferred side dish for Adobo Chicken

2 Responses to “Moringa Leaf with Beans and Meat”

  1. Organic veda moringa Says:

    Good Moringa leaf recipe

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