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Food to Fuel: The Vast and Varied Uses of Moringa

December 16, 2010

Trees for Life has been a promoter of the Moringa plant for the past 25 years. In that period we have seen it spread through India, Africa, Central America, Australia, the Philippines and Indonesia. It is if this tree that dates back thousands of years has been rediscovered. During this period we have seen the popularity and utilization of the plant expand from a food source primarily for individual families in developing countries to the development of large-scale Moringa farms in India, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, the Philippines and Australia for commercial usage and for export. In the last few years considerable growth has occurred in the production and utilization of Moringa for the nutritional markets in western countries and for biofuel production where government sponsored programs have been implemented in India, Kenya, Ghana and the Philippines.

Moringa oleifera has always been considerd one of the most nuterint rich and useful trees available. There is an often quoted satement that almost every part of the Moringa tree can be used for food or has some other useful properties. The chart below can’t help but give you a greater appreciation of the vast and varied uses of the Moringa tree and its potential impact.

Foidl N., Makkar, and Becker K. 2001. The potential of Moringa oleifera for agrcultural and industrial uses.


Moringa to Create Over One Million Jobs

December 9, 2010

ABUJA, Nigeria—Vanguard Online reports that the Federal Government of Nigeria has unveiled plans to generate over $300 Million in projected revenue from the Moringa plant and create over one million jobs in the process.

The plant which is believed to prevent over 300 diseases and could readily provide the substitute for the chemical, Alum, used for water treatment, which the Nigerian Government spends about $2.2.5 million annually to import.

Moringa Oleifera is a popular plant in the northern and eastern parts of the country, used for food and medicines.

Peter Onwualu, Director-General/Chief Executive Officer of Raw Materials Research and Development Council, stated that, “It is our belief that if the entire value chain for Moringa is fully developed, it can generate over one million jobs and generate over $300 million in revenue for Nigeria.”

Mr. Onwualu stated that more grants would be awarded to researchers and private industries towards Moringa development in 2011.

 Adefemi Olayinsade, Nigerian Permanent Secretary said:   “One key area that is already being targeted is the use of extracts from the plant seeds as natural coagulant for water treatment, especially for the rural communities where the lack of potable drinking water is posing serious challenges.”

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