Moringa Champions – Green Ghana Volunteers


Tree for Life  honor the Green Ghana Volunteers of Accra, Ghana, for their outstanding work and unsurpassed dedication. In honor of Earth Day 2011, The Green Ghana Volunteers planted an amazing 20,000 Moringa seedlings around the Accra region.




Ghana, a small country in Western Africa is still recovering from years of strip mining, deforestation and poor farming practices. The Green Ghana Volunteers chose the Moringa tree for its reforestation project due to its nutritional and medicinal benefits as well as its characteristics of rapid growth and sustainability.

 Not to rest on their past laurels, the Green Ghana Volunteers have committed to planting an additional 100,000 Moringa trees in the coming months. The group works extensively with the Moringa Oleifera tree because of its growth potential, resilient nature, and its unmatched nutritional value in helping local communities.

To learn more about us go to  Trees for Life or the Moringa blog.

2 Responses to “Moringa Champions – Green Ghana Volunteers”

  1. Madhu Says:

    Congratulations to them and to TFL for motivation for others. I will also try for planting Moringa from now on.

  2. justin fedjio Says:

    je suis contents d’avoir recu des informations sur green life moringa. je vous prie de vouloir bien me faire connaitre vos differents prix et les diifferentes qualités, ainsi que les conditions à remplir poue etre votre representant au cameroun . je vous remercie de votre prompte réponse. je suis justin fedjio tel.00 237 99 39 53 57.

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