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June 25, 2011

While Balbir Mathur, President of Trees for Life, was in Nicaragua recently to take part in the presentation of guitars to the libraries associated with the Books for Life – Nicaragua project he received an urgent request to meet with Mario Salvo, the Minister of Agriculture.

Nicaragua has become highly involved in promoting Moringa as a means of fighting malnutrition within the country. When Mr. Salvo learned of Balbir’s visit to Nicaragua as part of the Books for Life library project he wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to have an in-depth discussion about Moringa with one of the tree’s leading proponents. Trees for Life  has been promoting Moringa  around the world for the past 25 years and has developed a large body of knowledge and information about the Moringa tree and its properties in treating malnutrition in developing countries.


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June 21, 2011


Ted Garber, singer/songwriter

Trees for Life  salutes Singer-songwriter Ted Barber who presented a solo performance to benefit three international charities on June 8 in Kensington, MD.  For those not in attendance, you missed a real treat. Ted brought his guitar and harmonica and put on an engaging show. The concert benefited the Moringa Tree Project in the Republic of the Congo as well as two other groups.


A United Nations news service report detailed the importance of the Moringa Tree Project. The news service reports acute malnutrition rates among the 530,000 children under the age of 5 and among pregnant women. Just one example of the great nutritional benefits are highlighted in the story of Victor, who when taken to the Nutrition Center in Kinshasa was grossly underweight, listless and had a bloated stomach. After two weeks on a diet enriched with Moringa powder Victor had gained 15 pounds. Victor is one of the very fortunate ones. According to the Ministry of Health at least 700 malnourished children under the age of five die each day in the Republic of the Congo.

Children Save Lives with Moringa

June 2, 2011

A group of children in Kansas are helping save the lives of children around the world.

The 23 children aged 5 to 9, from 1st United Methodist Church of Wichita, have been raising money to help plant Moringa trees as part of their Day Camp activities. The students first learned about the highly nutritious Moringa tree and its potential health and medicinal properties for fighting hunger and disease in developing countries. The students then gave presentations to the numerous adult Sunday school classes in their church and collected donations.

The students came to the Trees for Life office in Wichita to present the funds they had raised – a check for $2,501.10. They were thrilled to learn from David Kimble, Executive Director of Trees for Life, that each dollar they raised and donated represented one tree to be planted, so their efforts could help thousands of children around the world.

1st UMC Day Camp Students donate $2,501.10

Why did they do it? The students were articulate in answering this question:

“Because it will help lots of hungry people.”

“The Moringa tree is really good for your health.”

“Moringa has lots of good nutrition, and it can prevent diseases.”

1st UMC Day Camp students volunteering at Trees for Life

The students and their teachers then spent the rest of the afternoon working with Pat Felton, Volunteer Coordinator, on preparing the Moringa tree booklets that Trees for Life distributes around the world. For those couple of hours they filled the room with their joy and enthusiasm for helping others.