Children Save Lives with Moringa


A group of children in Kansas are helping save the lives of children around the world.

The 23 children aged 5 to 9, from 1st United Methodist Church of Wichita, have been raising money to help plant Moringa trees as part of their Day Camp activities. The students first learned about the highly nutritious Moringa tree and its potential health and medicinal properties for fighting hunger and disease in developing countries. The students then gave presentations to the numerous adult Sunday school classes in their church and collected donations.

The students came to the Trees for Life office in Wichita to present the funds they had raised – a check for $2,501.10. They were thrilled to learn from David Kimble, Executive Director of Trees for Life, that each dollar they raised and donated represented one tree to be planted, so their efforts could help thousands of children around the world.

1st UMC Day Camp Students donate $2,501.10

Why did they do it? The students were articulate in answering this question:

“Because it will help lots of hungry people.”

“The Moringa tree is really good for your health.”

“Moringa has lots of good nutrition, and it can prevent diseases.”

1st UMC Day Camp students volunteering at Trees for Life

The students and their teachers then spent the rest of the afternoon working with Pat Felton, Volunteer Coordinator, on preparing the Moringa tree booklets that Trees for Life distributes around the world. For those couple of hours they filled the room with their joy and enthusiasm for helping others.

8 Responses to “Children Save Lives with Moringa”

  1. Richard Geary Says:

    Well done to the 1st UMC Students!
    You truly are life savers. I am heading up a project in Nicaragua where, thanks to Trees for Life, I have teamed up with the Universidad Nacional Agraria to develop a plantation and education facility which will train farmers, teachers and children about how to grow and use the wonderful Miracle Tree. God is at work!!!
    The vision for every poor household to have a Moringa tree on it’s doorstep! Every penny, or should i say dime, counts!

  2. Andrew Says:

    What an exceptional story! Thanks for spreading the word on Moringa’s benefits and saving the world at the save time. It really is a problem solver in developing countries. It’s also good in smoothies.

  3. Okpako tony Says:

    Highly impressed by your work. I’m in eastern Nigeria. What can i do?

  4. evans Says:

    can moringa cure hole in the heart of a child? if yes how and what part of it do apply

  5. drumstick Says:

    Miracle trees foundation has 2 great documentaries on the moringa tree, take a look.

  6. Johan van Zyl Says:

    After reading several other inspiring articles like this one, I bought a bunch of Moringa seeds and planted them in a nursery. Young plantlets will be for sale soon, to anyone in South Africa who is looking at doing a project, or just wanting a Moringa tree in their garden. Mail me at

  7. Parveen kumar Says:

    Please help me please any one tell me it’s work for 20 year old girl she have heart hole please help me someone

  8. Parveen kumar Says:

    I need help for my love please help me
    Give me reply on My gmail please

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