While Balbir Mathur, President of Trees for Life, was in Nicaragua recently to take part in the presentation of guitars to the libraries associated with the Books for Life – Nicaragua project he received an urgent request to meet with Mario Salvo, the Minister of Agriculture.

Nicaragua has become highly involved in promoting Moringa as a means of fighting malnutrition within the country. When Mr. Salvo learned of Balbir’s visit to Nicaragua as part of the Books for Life library project he wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to have an in-depth discussion about Moringa with one of the tree’s leading proponents. Trees for Life  has been promoting Moringa  around the world for the past 25 years and has developed a large body of knowledge and information about the Moringa tree and its properties in treating malnutrition in developing countries.


Where the Moringa Tree grows

To read the Moringa book 

Where Moringa is needed most
To donate to Trees for Life
to support the Morniga


  1. Bonnie Yoder Medina Says:

    I live in Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras…. my sister..Wichita…told me about the Moringa Tree years ago…Need information as to what is being done here in Honduras…with these trees etc.. saw an announcement on Abriendo Brecha…last night… would like to help in some way …get its benefits to these fine people…the poor.

  2. sung Says:

    I am want moringa density farm

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