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Spreading the word about the miraculous Moringa Tree in Guatemala

January 26, 2012
This Moringa tree grew in one year in the mountains of Guatemala

The spread of the good news about the nutritional value of the moringa tree is due in part to people like Andy Harjula. Andy lives in Canada, but travels back and forth on his own to share with people in Guatemala how their lives can be improved by growing the moringa tree in their villages.

Trees for Life’s first contact with Andy was in December of 2010, when he requested printed materials to share with the Mayan people of Guatemala. Again in December of 2011, more materials were requested. Both times Andy sent along enough funds to cover the postage cost to Canada, though we request no charge for people doing development work.

On a recent trip this past January, Andy spoke to 300 students, including 45 doctors and nurses from Seattle who were in Belize to help for a week. So spreads the story of the miraculous moringa tree!