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Measurint Moringa seedling

3 Responses to “Measuring-Moringa-Seedling”

  1. Gengis Et Anne Coutou Says:


    My name is Gengis. With my wife Anne and my 3 kids, we came for 2 months to mix vacations and mission. We are now in JOCUM JAMPA (Joao Pessoa, Brazil).
    I brought some Moringa seeds and planted them last week. I found a Moringa tree with a lot of seeds… cut the branches to get some powder and got the pods to plant them. I planted 24 seeds until now following some instruction on the net… but it didn’t sproot until now… I put 500 seeds in water for 24 hours and since yesterday, they are germinating in the dark for 3-14 days.
    We hope to be able to plant them next week – using little bags full of manure and earth.
    We would like to know if there is a market for Moringa in Brasil?
    We will use them for the poor around the base and to help people suffering with malnutrition.
    We would need to get some more equipment like oil-press and dryers and that’s why we would like to know about the local market. Since I’m only here for 2 months, it would be nice to have an answer before then.
    Gengis Coutou in Brazil

  2. 9979207382 Says:

    can you give your mail ID@Gengis Et Anne Coutou

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