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Translations of the Moringa pocket brochure

August 30, 2013

Written by Steve Carter


In 2005, Trees For Life devoted much time and effort to producing a Moringa booklet and pocket brochure about the benefits of the Moringa tree in relieving nutritional deficiencies.  The contents also provide  information related to ground cover, silage, and fuel, precisely in those geographical locations most in need of environmental and health benefits. The pocket brochure displays the benefits in a very picturesque and easy-to-understand format and is provided free to those who want to learn and share information about the Moringa tree.

One challenge in this process of sharing is that the pocket brochure, needs to be available in the main languages of the world. Recently, a Spanish translation of the pocket brochure has been completed. The brochure is also available in Yoruba, Luganda, and Hindi. French and Haitian Creole translations are in process and should be soon completed..

Trees for Life invites individuals throughout the world who would like to make use of the brochure in their region or country, to provide additional translations. The more translations available, the more good that can be accomplished. The pocket size brochure and a useful educational poster can be viewed in several languages at the following site:

If you would like to translate the Moringa brochure into another language, we will then post it on our website, To translate the brochure, go to the following page, which has the text and explains the process: After the translation is completed send it to The changes to the document will be made by the Trees for Life office, and it will be posted on the Trees for Life website so all will have access to download and print the translated copies.

Help Trees for Life continue to provide materials for those seeking better, sustainable lives for themselves and their families.

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Moringa Day in Haiti

August 1, 2013

Written by Steve Carter – Trees for Life Board Member

In January of 2012, James Kishlar, the director of Agro-forest Regional Nursery (ARN), an organization whose aims are to plant trees, broaden crop diversity, and expand job opportunities in Haiti, contacted Trees For Life after reading about the Moringa tree on the Trees For Life web site.  We at Trees For Life were happy to share what we had learned about the Moringa tree and what we were doing to encourage the utilization of Moringa to fight malnutrition and assist individuals and organizations world-wide in achieving their economic, social, and environmental goals.  Since that time, James has made the Moringa tree one of the most important species he hopes to plant and establish in Haiti.

In a recent email, James reports on some of the efforts his organization is making to expand the use of Moringa in Haiti:  “Our Moringa Day was on June 5, 2013, a part of Environmental Day in Haiti. We were participating with the Haitian organization Programme National pour la culture et l’utilisation du Moringa- Benzolive : PLANDOLIV. Our part, which we financed,  took place at Digue Matheux and Barbancourt. The children were given Moringa trees free of charge to plant at their homes, with a guarantee from us that if their trees lived for one year they would be rewarded. We are scheduled to have a Moringa Planting Day, within 2 weeks where the same children will be planting 35,000 Moringa trees within ‘live fence’ sites.”


Students taking their Moringa trees home.

Girls in pink dresses with trees cropped

Young girls with their Moringa Trees


Presentation on Moringa at one of the schools


Young girl taking her Moringa trees home

According to James, over 900 students and teachers . . . from 3 different schools participated in the Moringa Day events, with some 2,500 Moringa trees distributed!  He used Trees For Life’s Moringa informational pocket brochure and is presently working on a Haitian Creole translation for the material.

Trees For Life is pleased to have been able to contribute to efforts at afforestation and bio-diversity in Haiti and we are proud of the success of Moringa Day.  We applaud the hard work and dedication of James Kishlar and ARN and hope that we may be of help in whatever way we can in the work of re-building Haiti and empowering Haitians as they create the future of their country.

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