The Miracle of Moringa Leaves


Leaves gray

India’s ancient tradition of ayurveda says the leaves of the Moringa tree prevent 300 diseases. Modern science confirms the basic idea.

Scientific research has proven that these humble leaves are in fact a powerhouse of nutritional value.

Gram for gram, Moringa leaves contain:


moringa vitamin chart

Unfortunately, even while science sings the praise of Moringa leaves, this vital information has not reached the people who need it most. Trees for Life is responding to this need, and you can help.


Moringa’s Potential

Moringa has enormous potential for benefiting humanity. It could:

  • Improve human health
  • Increase livestock’s weight gain and milk production
  • Enhance plant growth and crop yields

The Moringa Presentation (see sidebar at right) explores current knowledge of Moringa and possible uses that could literally save millions of lives. Please share it with people in government, academics, research, and others who can make a difference. (more)

Call for Studies of Moringa

While the nutritional value of Moringa leaves is well-known, further scientific studies are needed. Right now there is a need for studies related to:

  • Human malnutrition and disease prevention
  • Use of Moringa for livestock fodder and plant growth.

4 Responses to “About”

  1. SAMUEL M. NZILU Says:

    give all the details about this moringa wonder

  2. Frank Says:

    Hi this is Frank Gozalez. My wife Lula Alvare and I are running an adaptation project of the moringa oleifera to the mediterranean climate in Mallorca using permaculture. I find your blog most interesting and helpfull, please let me invite you to visit our blog at http://moringamediterranea.blogspot.com.es/
    Best regards,


  3. Judith Owigar (@owigarj) Says:

    Hi there, my name is Judith from Kenya. How can I get these Moringa leaves for use. Please contact me.

  4. Fidelio Vargas Campos Says:

    Hola mis amigos, vivo en La Zona Sur de Costa Rica, un Misionero amigo: Minor Cordon que radica en Nicaragua gentilmente me regalo 1/2 Kilo de semillas de Moringa y he recorrido gran parte de esta basta zona donde he regalado poquitos de esta linda semilla. En unas cincuenta escuelas y a muchas familias hemos regalado semillas y arbolitos, pero lamentablemente se me terminaron. Y estoy buscando donde conseguir unos tres Kilos mas, ya que mi meta es llevarla a todas las escuelas y a los barrios mas pobres de esta zona del Costa Rica.
    También estoy reproduciendo información de La Moringa en mi Blog: fideliovargas.com/lamoringa/

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